Dylan, 20, pensacola FL, cancer survivor, soft. league of legends: ana1yzd69


junebouvierr asked
u r a puzzy take that h8 mail

Fk u bish fite me

meat-wentz asked
I think youre badass

I think i luv u (◕‿◕✿)

caucasianboys asked
Yeah well boys are from jupiter an stupider

LOL ily dev

Anonymous asked
I agree with last anon tbh

And i care because?

One of my favorite qualities about danielle is she couldnt give a fuck if i talk about other girls

I fuxking love hatemail hahahahahahhaha seriously makes my nights so fun!

Anonymous asked
if I had a boyfriend and he posted some shit like what you just said about that waitress, I wouldn't have a boyfriend anymore

Thats probably why you dont have a boyfriend then because you are a jealous self conscious cunt :~)

I fell in love at max brenner chocolate restaurant. The server was the most perfect sweetest girl i have ever laid eyes on (っ♡◡♡)っ




i feel so bad and then the end


19year-longnap this is you after your surgeries


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Anonymous asked
Whats rude about that? You always cry about how much you miss him and how hard it is so do us all a favor and break up.


Every word of it is rude, why would you care so much about a relationship that you aren’t in? I find that pathetic and annoying so please take your garbage opinion away from me. 

Lol if you dont like her complaining you can do yourself a favor and unfollow her? Whats logic?